24 May 2023 General

A need for fire-smart landscape governance to reduce wildfire risks

The co-creation of locally owned solutions through a fire-smart landscape governance is a viable answer to reduce wildfire risk for more sustainable use of forests and trees in climate smart landscapes. With this message, Tropenbos International participated during the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in Porto, Portugal from 15-19 of May.

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02 May 2023 Bolivia

Indigenous territorial governance for forest conservation in Monteverde, Bolivia

The indigenous territory of Monteverde in Bolivia extends over 1 million hectares and is mainly covered with forests. In recent years, however, agricultural encroachment has resulted in increased deforestation.

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21 April 2023 General

Fires-smart Landscape programme learning and exchange workshop in Ketapang, Indonesia

Wildfires are increasing in intensity, frequency and scale of impact and have become concern for countries around the world with severe impacts for people and forests.

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18 April 2023 the Netherlands

Call for an international evaluator: Working Landscapes programme

Tropenbos International is looking for an international evaluator to lead a team of national evaluators in conducting the end evaluation of its Working Landscapes programme.

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13 April 2023 Uganda

Oil palm cultivation on Buvuma island, Uganda, may cause deforestation elsewhere

Uganda’s Buvuma island, located in Lake Victoria, used to be heavily forested. Between 2000 and 2005, however, the island witnessed rapid land use changes, leaving less than 3% of the area forested.

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06 April 2023 the Netherlands

Sustainable climate finance: how to bridge the gaps

‘The financial sector has contributed to climate change and biodiversity loss, but is can also be part of the solution.’ With these words, the organisers opened the GLF conference ‘Luxembourg Finance for Nature: What comes next?’ During the conference, Mobilising More for Climate (MoMo4C) partners and other experts presented and discussed challenges and solutions to fund such initiatives in low- and middle-income countries.

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