21 July 2022 Suriname

A new collaboration between Tropenbos Suriname and the Association of Saamaka Authorities

Throughout 2021 Tropenbos Suriname carried out a dialogue with the traditional leaders of the Saamaka tribe in the country’s interior rainforest. By the end of the year this resulted in an agreement to work together to strengthen the tribe’s territorial governance, based on the concerns and priorities of the Saamaka leaders, and with the enthusiastic involvement of Saamaka youth.

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21 July 2022 Ethiopia

A national strategy to restore Ethiopia’s drylands

The restoration of Ethiopia’s drylands has the potential to improve local livelihoods while contributing to climate change mitigation. In 2021, TBI’s partner in Ethiopia — PENHA — got government agencies and other stakeholders to collaborate and agree on a national drylands restoration strategy, laying a firm foundation for ambitious nationwide efforts.

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18 July 2022 General

Making knowledge work for people and forests - Annual review 2021

This annual review highlights a wide variety of outcomes of our work in 2021.

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06 July 2022 General

Community forest tenure rights — ten conditions for success

The formalization of forest tenure rights of Indigenous people and local communities is expected to contribute to forest conservation, livelihood improvement and local self-determination. But formalization alone is not enough. More attention is needed for the conditions that must be in place for these expectations to materialize.

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05 July 2022 Indonesia

Preparing for a different approach to preventing fires in Indonesia

In Ketapang, Indonesia, fires keep recurring on drained peatlands, with devastating effects. Preventing them requires restoring water levels, but government officials, companies and farmers have long resisted this approach, fearing it would compromise the economy. In 2021, Tropenbos Indonesia managed to change their minds — a crucial first step towards structural fire prevention.

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30 June 2022 the Netherlands

Bringing people together for a more sustainable future - In conversation with René Boot

On 1 April 2022, René Boot retired as director of Tropenbos International (TBI). During his 20 years at the helm, he transformed TBI into an international network of autonomous organizations that help communities, companies and governments with improving the governance and management of tropical forests and woodlands. Here he talks with Koen Kusters about some of the insights he gained along the way.

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