Where we work


Tropenbos International focusses on landscapes at the frontier between forests and agriculture or other land uses, across the dry and humid tropics. We choose to work in these challenging landscapes because this is where the impacts of deforestation, lack of governance, poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss come together most acutely, and locally owned solutions for sustainable management are most urgently needed to address them.

We work in 10 countries across Latin America (Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname), Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam), through our network of six local members and collaborations with partners elsewhere.

In the past TBI had country programmes in Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire and Guyana. For more information on these programmes please visit the publications section on this website.

Colombia Suriname Ghana Vietnam Indonesia Cameroon and DR Congo