Regions where we work in Uganda

We are currently active in the following regions:


TBI in Uganda works towards improved community livelihoods through an increased understanding of the impacts of oil palm expansion and a better collaboration between CSOs and the scientific community in the Kalangala landscape.

In the Kalangala landscape, especially on Bugala and Buvuma islands, forests are seriously affected or under threat of degradation due to the introduction and expansion of oil palm plantations. Forest degradation in Kalangala is further exacerbated by collection of biomass fuel and logging for home use, construction and trade. Large oil palm plantations seriously affects the lake through erosion and water pollution due to the use of fertilizers combined with the disrespect for lake buffer zones. Further it leads to food scarcity due to replacement of subsistence farming by commercialized mono-cropping of oil palm, alterations of ecosystem functioning and climate change impacts.

What we do:

  • Increase the knowledge and understanding about the impacts of oil palm expansion on the Kalangala landscape by local stakeholders and NGOs.
  • Strengthen the link and collaboration between CSOs and national research organizations - working in the Kalangala island, especially NAPE.
  • Support partnerships between local stakeholders, the central and local government, and civil society to promote community rights and conservation of the landscape.