Regions where we work in DR Congo

We are currently active in the following regions:

DR Congo

TBI in DRC works towards sustainable managed landscapes were natural resources are sustainably exploited, local communities and indigenous people have improved livelihoods and the landscape is pacified in the provinces of Ituri, Mongala and Tshopo.

The three provinces contain large areas of forests on which the local communities rely for their livelihoods. Although the natural resources are abundant they face many threats from illegal mining, poaching, agricultural expansion, and deforestation. The levels of deforestation and degradation of forests are highly variable depending on the areas and population density. Despite this context, securing the livelihoods of local communities represents an opportunity to protect the forests. Their protection for present and future generation will contribute to the fight against poverty, for food security and the preservation of water sources and biodiversity.

What we do:

  • Together with local CSOs support the development and implementation of community forestry, through tools, guidelines and training of community members
  • With CSOs lobby for the revision of national nature conservation legislation regarding the exploitation of natural resources in protected areas.
  • Support the regulation of both artisanal logging and mining by the provincial governments and private sector.
  • Support artisanal loggers and miners to become formal SMFEs
  • Create awareness on gender related topics, with special attention to the participation of women and other marginalized groups in decision making processes, with local communities, CSOs and private and public partners.

Tropenbos International works in DR Congo through its local network partner Tropenbos DR Congo. For more information visit:


TBI has been operational in DR Congo since 2010 implementing activities in the former Province Orientale. In 2017, Tropenbos DR Congo became a legal national entity of DR Congo and a member of the Tropenbos International Network.

In the past years TBI promoted and supported the implementation of responsible forest policies and practices for sustainable natural resource management, to benefit people’s livelihoods, boost sustainable economic development and contribute to environmental conservation. TBI supported artisanal loggers to organise themselves into legal associations to tackle the challenges they face in their operations, comply with forest regulations and administrations, but also to speak with one voice and negotiate their position vis-à-vis the authorities. A directory of legal taxes developed by TBI has helped artisanal loggers to defend themselves against administrative abuses by civil servants.