22 June 2022 the Netherlands

EU must urgently assess smallholder needs for deforestation regulation success

In response to the EU’s proposed regulation on deforestation-free products, Tropenbos International and 50 other civil society organizations call on the Commission to urgently assess smallholders’ needs. Without support, smallholders may struggle to comply and be excluded from the EU market while deforestation continues.

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20 June 2022 DR Congo

Cocoa in DR Congo — Turning threat into opportunity

In 2021, hundreds of farmers throughout the Bafwasende landscape started to establish cocoa agroforestry systems on previously deforested lands, with the help of Tropenbos DR Congo. This is a major step towards more sustainable farming and improved livelihoods.

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15 June 2022 General

Towards bankable business cases for sustainable agroforestry and forestry

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agroforestry and forestry sectors require access to finance to make investments in sustainable practices. With this aim, TBI increases their capacity to develop bankable business proposals. At the same time, TBI collaborates with financial service providers to make new and existing financial products more easily available for SMEs.

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14 June 2022 DR Congo

Smallholders in transition in DR Congo - In conversation with Alphonse Maindo

The Bafwasende landscape in the Tshopo Province of DR Congo has a forest cover of 98% and very high poverty rates. A few years ago, young people were eager to leave the area, going to cities to look for work. Recently, however, this outmigration has slowed down, because young people see new opportunities to earn money as smallholders, according to Alphonse Maindo, director of Tropenbos DR Congo. Here he talks with Koen Kusters about the future of smallholder farming and community forestry in the Bafwasende landscape.

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09 June 2022 the Netherlands

Call for consultant - Review of fire risk management in the tropics and its relation to Fire Smart Territory approach

Tropenbos International is looking for a consultant for an in-depth review of fire risk management in the tropics and its relation to Fire-Smart Territory (FST) approach.

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08 June 2022 the Netherlands

“Agricultural firebreaks are proving to be a valuable tool in helping to reduce the risk of wildfires”

The high endemic biodiversity in Madagascar is being threatened by the increasing use of fire that is seeing whole landscapes being gradually transformed from closed forest to savannas. Here, Harifidy Rakoto Ratsimba of the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar, and Head of the Regional Eastern Africa Fire Management Research Center (REAFMRC) tells us what is being done, and the next steps needed to reduce the risk of wildfires and the threat to Malagasy forests.

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