Managing the world; nature and society by the Yukuna of the Colombian Amazonia.


Authors: Hammen, M.C. van der

Colombia - 1992

ISBN: 958-95378-2-0

ISSN: 1566-6514

Language: Spanish


This book deals with the way the Yukuna-Jarechina Indians manage the environment of their world. Main focus of the study is on the persistence of traditional reference models by Indian groups in the Colombian Amazon. The book is centred around the case of an Yukuna roundhouse and deals with six different themes in six chapters. These include: the history of the Yukuna, the Puerto Córdoba settlement of which the Yukuna are part of, the conceptualisation of a symbolic landscape and territory, and the analysis of the agricultural, fishing and hunting practices of the Yukuna. In a final chapter shamanistic knowledge on the management of world, nature and society is presented and the persistence and future of traditional reference models in managing the world discussed.

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