01 March 2011 the Netherlands

Financing strategies for sustainable land and forest management: Sharing national experiences for the facilitative process in practice

During the ninth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), Tropenbos International participated in a side event on 26 January 2011 to showcase experiences and lessons in financing sustainable land and forest management as a contribution to the work at the country level and the Facilitative Process.

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21 February 2011 Ghana

Workshop on ‘Options for Deploying Forest Investment Programme Resources in Ghana'

TBI Ghana held a workshop on ‘Options for Deploying Forest Investment Programme Resources in Ghana' on February 11, 2010. The aim was to create awareness on the Forest Investment Programme (FIP) and to identify potential options for deploying FIP resources in Ghana. These options are expected to feed into Ghana’s meeting with the FIP scoping mission late March 2011.

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24 January 2011 the Netherlands

Seminar in Brussels draws attention to local timber markets in FLEGT - VPAs and REDD-plus

Tropenbos International and six other organisations organised the seminar "Bridging local and global interests: Integration of domestic timber markets in FLEGT/VPAs and REDD+"to discuss how to address domestic timber trade and timber-dependent livelihoods effectively in VPAs; map the potential consequences of VPAs on local livelihoods; and discuss the relevance of these for the further development of forest governance programmes such as FLEGT and REDD+.

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12 January 2011 Ghana

Science-policy dialogue on timber legality and social safeguards in Ghana

A two-day international workshop on the “Illegal or Incompatible” research project was held in Elmina, Ghana on November 25 and 26, 2010. The workshop aimed at informing policy processes in Ghana and the EU on anticipated impacts of Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) signed between the two parties. This workshop was a sequel to one organized earlier in October 2009 to facilitate information exchange and dialogue on potential impacts of VPA implementation on local livelihoods.

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16 December 2010 Viet Nam

Workshop Generates Valuable Feedback on Land Allocation Research Project

On November 22, Tropenbos International (TBI) Viet Nam organized a workshop to report some findings on the research project “Impacts of Forestry Land Allocation on the Livelihoods of Local People and Forest Resources in the North Central Region,” one of six research projects currently being implemented by TBI Viet Nam. The event gathered over forty representatives from TBI’s partners and stakeholder institutions at the Festival Hue Hotel in Hue City for a spirited discussion.

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20 November 2010 Suriname

Domestic Timber Market: Insights and Developments

On 12 November 2010, TBI Suriname organized a workshop titled ‘Domestic Timber Market: Insights and Developments’. The goal of the workshop was, through group discussions, to acquire insights in the deficiencies in the areas of knowledge, research and capacity within the domestic timber market.

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