Coffee agroforestry for restoration in the Srepok River Basin, Viet Nam


Authors: Tropenbos Viet Nam

Viet Nam - 2023

Language: English


Expansion of coffee monocultures on the slopes of the Srepok River Basin in Viet Nam has resulted in severe land degradation. As part of the Working Landscapes programme, we have been supporting coffee agroforestry to restore these lands and increase smallholders’ resilience.

What have we learned?

  • Women in communities of ethnic minorities can play a key role in restoring degraded lands through agroforestry, based on their experience with planting and caring for trees in home gardens.
  • Mindsets and approaches within government agencies can be influenced by actively engaging government officials from the very start of interventions.
  • To upscale sustainable coffee agroforestry, it is necessary to further increase the economic attractiveness of agroforestry, e.g., through the national Payments for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) programme.

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