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Chainsaw milling: supplier to local markets


Editors: Wit, M. & J. van Dam

General - 2010

ISBN: 978-90-5113-094-2

ISSN: 1876-5866

Language: English


Chainsaw milling, the on-site conversion of logs into lumber using chainsaws, is supplying a large proportion of local timber markets with cheap lumber. While it offers socioeconomic opportunities to local people, it is very often associated with corruption and illegalities. Regulating and controlling the practice is a challenge due to the mobility of these chainsaw milling operations. The 28 articles in this issue of ETFRN News cover 20 countries: seven in South America and the Caribbean; four in Asia; and nine in Africa, providing a good overview of the opportunities and challenges of chainsaw milling as a supplier to domestic and regional timber markets.

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