Webinar: barriers to inclusive sustainable finance in a landscape context

Webinar: barriers to inclusive sustainable finance in a landscape context

the Netherlands - 17 December, 2019

Agriculture, forestry and other land uses are central to the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They may also contribute up to 20% of emission reductions needed to achieve the Paris mitigation target, and nearly 60% of food production is produced by smallholders (<20 ha) many of whom are vulnerable to climate change.

Date: Thursday 19 December at 11 h CET - Join here

We have organized a series of events aiming to enrich our discussion on barriers to inclusive sustainable finance and we reach the most vulnerable and marginalized, for example, an e-dialogue based on our white paper through the GLFx platform and a discussion last Saturday, 30 November 2019 at the GLF Luxembourg in the prestigious European Convention Center in Luxembourg. Those discussions were outstanding and brought together many voices and perspectives that we would like to conclude such amazing discussions with a final webinar to close our e-dialogue to recapitulate our learning and shared experiences.

One of the key questions we want to answer is, what are the barriers for finance to reach rural smallholders and SMEs that contribute to greater sustainability and climate resilience in rural landscapes?

We have found different barriers that prevent large scale implementation of finance initiatives for sustainable and inclusive landscapes:

  • Smallholders and SMEs that want to implement sustainable practices encounter problems in accessing finance, for example because transaction costs are high
  • Finance that does flow into landscapes may not always achieve the intended sustainable outcomes

Each group of barriers has seven factors that contribute to the barrier. Based on existing initiatives that aim to contribute to finance for sustainable landscapes we arrive at recommendations that should lead to collaboration and the development of financial instruments that will facilitate access to finance for smallholders and SMEs that want to expand their sustainable practices.

Rounding off the consultation phase of our study we will talk to three practitioners in the field of inclusive finance. People who have been dealing with the barriers from the receiver point of view: women groups in Ghana, indigenous people in Peru and designing payment for ecosystem services in Kenya. Join us and share you own experiences in dealing with barriers to finance your sustainable land use practices.


Kamasa Dorothy - Miss Agriculture Ghana 2018 1st Runner up and Founder/Chief Executive Director of Center for Women and Food Security-Ghana.

Burnice Karime Ireri - Master of Science in Environmental Science Candidate (Completing). Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya.

Aldo Soto - Amazon Programme at The Rainforest Foundation UK. Aldo leads the Rainforest Foundation UK work in the Amazon based in London.


Gerhard Mulder - Oxylus Climate Advisors

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